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Men's Elite squad preparations for 2012/2013 Futsal Season


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Ecuadorian born Canadian and assistant coach to the Canadian National Men’s Futsal Team is back to the drawing board at Futsal Club Toronto; after a trip to Costa Rica and Guatemala City for the CONCACAF Futsal World Cup Qualifiers in June 2012.

Lorenzo Redwood, has joined forces with partner Roy Blanche this season and together they have re-inaugurated Futsal Club Toronto. After a successful campaign in 2010/2011 the Futsal Duo decided to re-establish Futsal Club Toronto and continue their successful futsal training with the club that won the 2011 Copa Canada Futsal National Championship title. Lorenzo Redwood, worked his magic in 2011/2012 with Brampton City United Futsal Academy and together they managed to secure 3 championship titles in the Toronto Futsal League, and crowned Men's Champions of the Canadian Premier Futsal League. Lorenzo was also awarded 2011 Toronto Futsal League "Best Coach of the Year".

In addition to preparing the team for the fixtures, Redwood will be looking at strengthening the squad with new signings. He will be taking a closer look at some international futsal talent that the club requires, and especially those players that are suitable to the needs of the team.

Redwood looks forward to the release of the fixture list for the 2012-2013 futsal season, and also the release of international tournaments details for 2013; Futsal Club Toronto is pumped up for the upcoming year. Players with the likes of staff are all looking forward to kicking off this new season; even though it is expected to be a more challenging year than the last one.

Redwood stated:

“The confirmation of the fixtures galvanizes everyone's thoughts towards the new season and the planning and preparation has already begun. We are looking forward to our opening game and expect it to be a challenging start.There's a lot of hard work to be done between now and then in order to ensure we are ready for the season ahead, but we are certainly looking forward to seeing what we can achieve with the new squad. We are looking at incorporating some U16 players from the club as well as some familiar faces and some exciting international talent. Futsal is definitely a priority for clubs and parents looking to strengthen their technique and ability; and this strengthens the competition across the board.

Redwood revealed that he felt his side has a lot of work cut out for them before they are fully prepared for the upcoming season.

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