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Colombia will held women's world Cup


The Colombian Futsal Federation, headed by Manuel Sanchez, was confirmed as an organizer of the II Women's World Cup,  to be held next year in the city ofBarrancabermeja, Santander department, as decided on Saturday congress of the AMF.

The ecumenical event will occur during November and for the effect of that city government of Colombia is committed to building a coliseum for 6000-7000 people.

The AMF also accepted the invitation by Colombia to participate in the World Games (including the non-Olympic sports), to participate as a demonstration sport, with 8 or 12 countries.

These games will take place from July 25, 2013 in the city of Cali. The FUTSAL tournament will take place in the city of Buga, about two hours from Bucaramanga.

The AMF wants that the next world Cup to be held  by a major European country (could be Belarus) in 2015, as discussed in the congress.

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