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Alarcon is reelected as head of the AMF


Paraguayan leader Juan Rolando Alarcón Rios today unanimously re-elected as president of the World Futsal Association (AMF), a former FIFUSA (International Federation of Futsal), in the course of an Ordinary Congress of the Association.

The Paraguayan Juan Rolando Alarcón Rios (center) was elected president of the AMF. / Juan Ramon Avila, ABC Color

The Congress took place in the city of Asuncion. Alarcón Rios was proposed by the Argentina Confederation of Futsal (CAFS) and unopposed received the full support of the congressmen present at the residence  Hakaranda of the Paraguayan capital.

He will preside for four more years (2012/2016) over the highest body of futsal, which was reactivated in December 2002 after the demise of the former FIFUSA which was headed by the Spaniard Alberto Alberca (now deceased).

The European Union of Futsal (UEFS), led by Russian Valeri Ahkumyan who was absent at Congress, proposed for president Manuel Sanchez the Colombian leader, but he said categorically that he was not interested in accepting the proposal made by Europeans to succeed Alarcón Rios, and therefore declined his candidacy at the Congress, a fact that was applauded by those present.

The main officers of the new Executive Committee of the AMF: 

President: Juan Rolando Alarcón Rios (Paraguay) 

Vice-Presidents: Jaime Arroyave (Colombia), Namdev Shirgaonkar Sampat (India), Nakwalekwenale Doli (DRC), Antonio Cifuentes (Australia) and Eduardo Jordi (Spain, Catalonia) 

General Secretary: Peter Bonnettini (Argentina) 
Treasurer: Alberto Agüero (Paraguay) 
Directors: Mario Giménez (Uruguay) and John Probao (Spain, Galicia) 
Deputy director: Gina Anjos (Brazil ) 
Main Trustee: Gabriel Delmonte (Uruguay) 
Deputy Trustee: Daniel Cerros (Canada) 
CEO: Manuel Sánchez (Colombia) 

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