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World futsal Championships AMF/FIFUSA (Senior Men)

World futsal Championships AMF/FIFUSA
Year Place Champion Score Vice-Champion Third Score Fourth
Age of FIFUSA (Federation International of Fútbol de Salón - futsal)
1982 Brazil São Paulo Brazil Brazil 1 - 0 Paraguay Paraguay Uruguay Uruguay  ? - ? Colombia Colombia
1985 Spain Madrid Brazil Brazil 3 - 1 Spain Spain Paraguay Paraguay 10 - 3 Argentina Argentina
1988 Australia Melbourne Paraguay Paraguay 2 - 1 Brazil Brazil Spain Spain 5 - 1 Portugal Portugal
1991 Italy Milan Portugal Portugal 1 - 1 (3 - 2 t.a.b.) Paraguay Paraguay Brazil Brazil 3 - 2 Bolivia Bolivia
1994 Argentina Buenos Aires Argentina Argentina 2 - 1 (a.p.) Colombia Colombia Uruguay Uruguay 7 - 4 Brazil Brazil
1997 Mexico Mexico Venezuela Venezuela 4 - 0 Uruguay Uruguay Brazil Brazil  ? - ? Russia Russia
2000 Bolivia La Paz Colombia Colombia 3 - 3 (3 - 1 t.a.b.) Bolivia Bolivia Argentina Argentina 6 - 6 (6 - 5 t.a.b.) Russia Russia
Age of AMF/WFA (Asociación Mundial de Fútbol de Salón - Futsal)
2003 Paraguay Asunción Paraguay Paraguay 3 - 1 Colombia Colombia Bolivia Bolivia Classement* Peru Peru
2007 Argentina Mendoza Paraguay Paraguay 1 - 0 Argentina Argentina Colombia Colombia 6 - 4 Peru Peru
2011 Colombia Bogota Colombia Colombia 8 - 2 Paraguay Paraguay Argentina Argentina 8 - 4 Russia Russia

14/12/2002 - World Futsal Association was formed



At Confederación Panamericana de Fútbol de Salón (Panamarican Futsal Confederation) International Congress Meetings held in Asuncion, Paraguay from Nov. 30 - Dec. 1, 2002, the new Asociación Mundial de Futsal (World Futsal Association) was formed.

Over 25 nations were represented in this historic event as several former members of FIFUSA (Federación Internacional de Fútbol de Salón) decided to join Panamerican Futsal Confederation's movement to create the World Futsal Assocation (WFA).

As FIFUSA did, WFA will continue to have good relations with FIFA. The WFA's Executive Committee's first order of business was the naming of the Association's respective cabinet positions.

Rolando Alarcón Ríos of Paraguay was selected as the WFA's first President, while Wilfredo Coffi (Netherlands Antilles), Giuseppe Caggiano (Italy), Keith Yorston (Australia), Luis Peña Niera (Spain) and Christian Prevost (Canada) were all named Vice-Presidents.

Pedro Bonettini of Argentina was named General Secretary, while Dorian Guaristi Justiniano of Bolivia is the WFA's Treasurer. Jaime Arroyabe (Colombia), Kurt Hartvedt (Norway) and Djamel Laarabi (Algeria) were tabbed as Directors, while José Luis Monges (Costa Rica) is the subsitute director.

Carlos Briceño (Venezuela) and Gabriel Delmonte (Uruguay) are the afflifated associates, while Angel Provao (Spain), Lorenzo García (Mexico) and Julio Notario (Paraguay) are part of the Justice Commission. The WFA closed out the International Congress Meetings with the announcement of Paraguay as the venue for the 2003 World Championship with the dates and fixtures released on a later date.

This competition, that will is held every three years, will replace the previous tournament's staged by FIFUSA from 1982-2000.

Previous FIFUSA (now WFA) World Championships

Year - Venue - Champion
1982 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Brazil
1985 - Madrid, Spain - Brazil
1988 - Melbourne, Australia - Paraguay
1991 - Milan, Italy - Portugal
1994 - Posadas, Argentina - Argentina
1997 - Mexico City, Mexico - Venezuela
2000 - La Paz, Bolivia - Colombia

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