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Archives - 1999 Ontario Futsal Club Championships

1999 Results

March 13-14, 1999 in Kitchener-Waterloo

55 Teams participated in this annual event and competed in 11 age divisions in two locations and five courts. 105 games were played, 940 goals scored and only two red cards were handed out over the two days event. 16 referees and 6 time/scorekeepers officiated. Here are the Champions and Finalists.

U 11Boys
Scarborough - 12
Dominic Iandoli 4, Aziel Bailey 2, Patrick Prevoe, Craig Cassells,
Giancarlo Iandoli, Steve Davis, Thaddeus Bolton, Mike Heron.

Sarnia - 3
Rory Doherty, Brian Bastos, Greg Kakaraza

The champion was undefeated all weekend. The defending champion from 1999 was a worthy opponent despite the goal difference in the final game.

U 12Boys
Owen Sound - 9
David Bang 3, Chris Carbajal 3, Michael Cambell, Eric Render, Jordan Fold.

Waterloo - 2
Alex Lucic, John Lucas.

The finalist beat the champion in the round robin play but could not win the final game. Owen Sound repeated it's age division win from 1998.

U 13Boys
Owen Sound - 5
Alex Parsons 2, Chad Renandez 2, Jeff Huff.

London Maltese - 4
Flavio Raposo, Nathan Gilmour, Philip Arrais, Jose Goncalves.

Last year's U 12 Champion was undefeated all weekend. However, it took an overtime golden goal to win this year's championship

U 14Boys
Waterloo - 9
Brandon Radic 2, Daniel Alac 2, Jose Argueta, Daniel Kadarian, Tony Gilicze, Mena Ibrahim, Chuck Fernandes.

Mississauga - 5
Jonathan Silveira 4, Daniel Caccavo.

The Champion was undefeated all weekend.

U 15Boys
Flesherton - 4
Jeremy Simpson 2, Mike Gordon, William Gott.

Meaford - 2
Brian Luptak, Ethan Dumais.

The Champion was undefeated all weekend.

U 16Boys
London CPA - 3
Mohamed Sabani, Safeen Khoshnoun, Fadi Essa.

Owen Sound - 1
Matt Muldoon.

The finalist was in first place in round robin play, undefeated and had also defeated the Champion in round robin play. However, London CPA surprised Owen Sound in the
final with a solid performance.

U 17Boys
Flesherton - 10
Graham Parfeniuk 5, Luke Symons 3, Nathan Greer, Nick Sibbett.

Waterloo - 4
Ryan Sousa 2, Wil Schuster, Jack Machado.

The Waterloo was undefeated in round robin play but was no match for the Champions in the final game.

Open Men
St. Thomas - 9
Dean McLeod 3, Justin Lawrence 2, John Langley 2, Jeff West, Paul Austin.

London Huracan - 0

This division was full of surprises! St. Thomas lost in the round robin play it's first game against Huracan 5 to 1! Huracan was a late replacement for Kitchener and won all
round robin games, and so did London Colombia and Newmarket.
St. Thomas made to the semi-finals as the wild card team. In the semi-finals St. Thomas defeated last year's champion London Colombia. Newmarket was the first team to reach
the semi-finals which does not play in the London Can-Brazilian Futsal League. London Huracan was no match for St. Thomas in the Final and ran out of steam.

U 14Girls
Scarborough - 9
Micah Mababirsingh 3, Stephanie Conley 2, Becky Scott, Laura Frow,
Sarah Mettler, Lesley Van Wiechen.

Waterloo - 0

Scarborough was the most dominant team in the tournament, it won all it's game and conceded only one goal.

U 17Girls
Pelham - 7
Sherri Leigh Vervaek 3, Robyn Mertz 2, Kim Digout, Julie Reid.

Corunna(16) - 0

Pelham was undefeated in round robin play and had no problem winning the final game.

Open Women
Waterloo - 4
Kathy Pabideau 2, Jessi Ward, Jen Suzuki.

Corunna - 1
Rhonda Rankin.

Both teams were undefeated in the round robin play. Waterloo disposed last year's Champion Owen Sound in the semi-finals. Corunna was also last years finalist.

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