24th Ontario Futsal Cup Champions: London Scots Corner (Men), St. Thomas Academy (Women)
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Archives - 1997 Ontario Futsal Club Championships

VII Provincial Futsal Championships 1997 Results

Ontario Futsal Club Championship : March 15 - 18, 1997 in Kitchener-Waterloo

The 7th annual Futsal Club Championship attracted 44 teams which competed in 10 age divisions over two days at Conestogoa College in Kitchener and the Manu
Life Centre in Bechtel Park, Waterloo.

U11 Boys Division
Bolton Wanderers 3: Daniel Nascimento (2), Lee Page
Erin Mills 1: Shawn Machado
Score at half time 2:0 for Bolton. The winners were undefeated all weekend.

U12 Boys Division
London Lightning 9:
Scott Carey (3) Matt Cuthbert (2) Tyler Hemming (2)
Jonathon Shapton, Dan Barreuras
Owen Sound 4: Ian Major (2) Daniel Tadros, Andrew Gardiner
Score at half time 3:1 for London. The winners were undefeated all weekend.

U14 Boys Division
London White Eagles 6:
B.Olszedski (3), M. Brandurowski (2), D. Stefanczuk
Cambridge 0
Score at half time: 3:0 for London. The winners were undefeated all weekend

U15 Boys Division
York Jets 4:
Cameron Medwin(2), Michael Sebastiao, Rudy Pignataro
Corunna 1: Dillon Carr
Score at half time 1:0 for the York Jets. The winners were undefeated all weekend

U17 Boys Division
London Columbia 5:
Mark Magier (3) Miguel Gonzalez, Shawn Uz
London Gunners 2: Shawn Ord, Seloman Menghesa
Score at half time 1:0 for London Columbia, which never lost a game all weekend.

U18 Boys Division
Owen Sound 5:
George Tadros (3) Will Valdez, Oliver Bennal
Newmarket 2: Christian Cooke, Nick Nikitopoulos
Score at half time 1:0 for Owen Sound, which never lost a game all weekend.

Open Mens Division
London Colombia 4:
Ree San(3) Alex Machado
London Benifica 4: Luis Oliveira, Martin Painter, Pedro Ribeiroo, Michael Bettencourt
Overtime: Golden Goal scored by Ree San for London Columbia.
Score at half time 2:2, both teams were undefeated until the final.

U15 Girls Division
Welland Wizard 4:
Melanie Numsen (2) Kim Digout, Sara Pinelli
Scarborough Lazors 2: Sandy Milevski,Jamila Brown
Score at half time 2:2, the winners never lost a game all weekend

U17 Girls Division
Coruuna Wildcats 4:
Stacey Westbrook (2) Miranda Fraser, Rhonda Rankin
London Gunners 4: Sylvia Dyksta (2) Lindsey Edwards (2)
Overtime Golden goal scored by Stacey Westbrook for Corunna
Score at half time 2:2 for Corunna, which never lost a game all weekend.

Open Women Division
Cambridge Strykers 2:
Sue Martell (2)
Corunna Wildcats 1: Leslie Sokol
Score at half time 2:0 for Cambridge. Both teams were undefeated until the final

Highest Goal Scorers:
U12 Boys Division: Ian Major(Owen Sound)7, Matt Cuthbert (London Lightning)6
U14 Boys Division: B.Olszedski, d. Stefanczuk(both London White Eagles) 9 each
U15 Boys Division:Cameron Medwin (York Jets) 8, Michael Sebastiao (York Jets) 6
U17 Boys Division: Mark Magier (London Colombia) 8
U18 Boys Division: George Tadros(Owen Sound) 8
Open Men Division: Ree San (London Colombia)13, Jim Kalampalikis (St. Thomas) 10, Carlos Abrantes(London Benfica) 8
U15 Girls Division: Melanie Numsen (Welland) 5
U17 Girls Division: Stacey Westbrook (Corunna)7, Lisa Warren(London Gunners)6
Open Women Division:Leslie Sokol (Corunna) 5

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